Graduate Courses

Royal Roads University (RRU). SOSC 730 (3 credits). Qualitative Research Methods. Doctor of Social Sciences program. July – September 2016.

RRU. INDS 500. Theory in Interdisciplinary Studies (3 credits). Feb. 6 – March 28, 2010. Online required graduate course in interdisciplinary theoretical approaches to applied and social sciences. (New course design). Course Evaluation: 4.25 out of 5.0. Instructor Evaluation: 4.50 out of 5.00.

RRU. INDS 510. Social Scientific Research Methods (3 credits). April-June 13, 2010. Online required graduate course in social scientific research methods. (New course design). Course Evaluation: 4.08 out of 5.0. Instructor Evaluation: 4.50 out of 5.00.

RRU. PCOM 560. Communication in an International Context (3 credits). Jan.-March 2010. Online required graduate course in MA Professional Communication with Specialization in Intercultural and International Communication.

RRU. PCOM 661. Major Project (12 credits). Students prepare a major research paper or consultation report. Jan.-July 2007; Jan. – July 2008.

UND. COMM 550. International and Global Communication (3 credits). This course integrates research and scholarship on international media, globalization, culture, and national identities. Particular emphasis is placed on the role language and culture, mediated globalization and glocalized media practices in other nations. Spring 2005.

BGSU. COMS 694. Workshop on Critical Discourse Analysis. Summer 2004. (New workshop design)

BGSU. COMS 695. Preparing Future Faculty. This 2-credit hour workshop helps prepare graduate students for future roles as faculty and/or administrators. Offered Spring 2003; co-taught with Dr. Nancy Brendlinger.

BGSU. COMS 703. Colloquium in Communication Studies. Fall 2002 and Spring 2003. Required for all full-time doctoral students.

BGSU. COMS 630. Social Scientific Methods (4 credits). Spring 2001, Fall 2001, and Spring 2002. This course introduces students to the social scientific study of communication. The course emphasizes understanding of the predominant quantitative and qualitative research designs and methods used by communication scholars working from a social scientific perspective.

BGSU. COMS 657. Intercultural Communication (4 credits). Fall 2002, Fall 2000. This course focuses on issues and trends in intercultural communication research and scholarship from social scientific, interpretivist, and rhetorical-critical perspectives.

BGSU. COMS 729. Transnational Communication Research (4 credits). Fall 1999. Issues and trends in transnational and international communication research and scholarship. Focus on current research and scholarship as well as methodological issues in three topic areas: media and technology, culture, and language. (New course design)